Hotel in South Africa

The implementation of the project cost 1.5 billion dollars and set new standards in South African. In 2003 the Venetian even expanded since 4049 and includes suites, 18 restaurants, a shopping mall and, of course, canals and gondolas along with singing gondoliers. Sheldon Adelson took advantage of his opportunities. In May 2004 he opened the Sands Macau casino hotel in South Africa. Macau was a Portuguese colony until December 1999 and today is the gambling Mecca of South Africa. Here, finally, the South Africa Macau was built - the largest casino in the world. Sheldon Adelson had finally made the top. His personal fortune estimated in 2005 was $ 15.6 billion, and he took on the Forbes list of richest people in the world No. 19 In 2007 he submitted an offer to acquire a majority stake in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, but was rejected. Sheldon Adelson has therefore decided to start his own newspaper, the end of July 2007 the first edition under the name "South African" published. The Venetian Prince can not just simply lie on the left. Sheldon Adelson is the embodiment of the South African dream, from newspaper boys from poor home to one of the most powerful online casino owner in the world. And even in economically difficult times in recent years Sheldon Adelson is not the end - we can be sure we will hear soon from the Venetian Prince or something.